1721 Dual-Auger Grain Cart



1700 BUSHELS | 750 BU/MIN*

True reliability. Simple to operate. Easily maintained. When chasing multiple combines in a field, the large-capacity Kinze 1721 grain cart with up to 1,700 bushels of heaped capacity is up to the task. Unmatched line-of-sight visibility from the clean corner auger design, and easy operating features, enable drivers of all experience levels to operate it confidently. An intuitive and ergonomic joystick provides control of auger tilt, spout tip, horizontal auger, and flow gate for efficient operation. When changing crops or moving to a new field, cleanout is swift and easy with horizontal auger cleanout doors. Tracked undercarriage has a low-pressure footprint from dedicated high flotation 36″ x 108″ of tracks.

TRUE. BLUE. Advantage.

*Cart capacity is based on #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight). Capacity may vary based on crop type, grade, moisture, and other environmental factors. Bushels per minute may vary with moisture content of grain and/or PTO rpm.

Model1721 Dual-Auger Grain Cart
  • Auger Cleanout - Horizontal auger cleanout doors for easy crop changeover
  • Remote Scale Readout - Optional remote scale readout for viewing by combine operator
  • Grease Bank - Centralized grease bank enabling swift and easy lubrication
  • Hose Cradle - Hydraulic hose cradle and colored ends simplify tractor hookup
  • Aligned Tip Spout - New tip spout with smoother flow and improved alignment for more precise unloading of grain



  • Hydraulically adjustable flow gate
  • Torque limiting driveline clutch
  • 24″ vertical and 22″ horizontal augers
  • Dedicated 36″ x 108″ tracks
  • Electronic 5-point scale options
  • Remote scale readout
  • Pivoting external corner auger
  • Joystick auger control
  • Horizontal auger cleanout doors
  • Smooth flow aligned tip spout
  • Centralized grease bank
  • 2-year warranty
  • Hydraulic hose cradle and colored ends


  • Exceptional operator line-of-sight visibility and control of grain with the clean corner dual auger design
  • Low pressure footprint from dedicated high flotation 36″ x 108″ tracks
  • Easy control of auger tilt, spout tip, horizontal auger, and flow gate from the intuitive joystick
  • Faster vertical auger clean-out with push button shut off of horizontal auger
  • Low driveline maintenance from the auto-reset, torque limiting overrunning clutch
  • Easily navigate rolling terrain with the low-profile, short side design
  • 50% longer auger wear life from thickened edge auger design
  • Quick and quiet unloading with the large diameter augers and positive driveline engagement
  • Has the only 2-year grain cart warranty in the industry


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