1121 Dual-Auger Grain Cart



1100 BUSHELS | 550 BU/MIN*

IT’S BACK! The legendary 1050 dual auger grain cart has returned as the NEW 1121! Enhanced with new features, this time-tested cart is ready to tackle the harvest challenges of today’s farmers. The proven straightforward dual auger cart design provides all the features necessary for efficient grain handling. The on-demand horizontal auger, optimum 1100-bushel capacity, tip spout control, and optional 36″ x 100″ Camso tracks all deliver high-value at low cost of ownership. Robust construction, along with minimum driveline and track system maintenance, ensure an uninterrupted and productive harvest.

TRUE. BLUE. Advantage.

*Cart capacity is based on #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight). Capacity may vary based on crop type, grade, moisture, and other environmental factors. Bushels per minute may vary with moisture content of grain and/or PTO rpm.

Model1121 Dual-Auger Grain Cart
  • Auger Cleanout - Horizontal auger cleanout doors for easy crop changeover
  • Remote Scale Readout - Optional remote scale readout for viewing by combine operator
  • Grease Bank - Centralized grease bank enabling swift and easy lubrication
  • Hose Cradle - Hydraulic hose cradle and colored ends simplify tractor hookup
  • Aligned Tip Spout - New tip spout with smoother flow and improved alignment for more precise unloading of grain



  • Hydraulically adjustable flow gate
  • 20″ vertical and horizontal augers
  • Torque limiting driveline clutch
  • Camso tracks or flotation tires
  • Electronic 3-point scale options
  • Remote scale readout
  • Vertical auger tip spout
  • Horizontal auger cleanout doors
  • Centralized grease bank
  • Hydraulic hose cradle and colored ends
  • 2-year warranty


  • Proven design with all the features necessary for a successful harvest
  • Low pressure footprint from Camso high flotation 36″ x 100″ tracks
  • Fields harvested with grain carts equipped with tracks versus tires have a 4.4% bu./acre increase in yield with a payback of less than 2 years for the additional cost of the tracks*
  • Easy control of spout tip using tractor SCV
  • Faster vertical auger clean-out with on-demand control of horizontal auger
  • Low driveline maintenance from the auto-reset, torque limiting overrunning clutch
  • Easily navigate rolling terrain with the low-profile, short side design
  • 50% longer auger wear life from thickened edge auger design
  • Quick and quiet unloading with the large diameter augers and positive driveline engagement
  • Has the only 2-year grain cart warranty in the industry


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