Spreading for shorter drying times.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest VOLTO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX SPREAD tine arms, all CLAAS tedders deliver superior crop spreading, minimal ash inclusion, and industry best durability for any sized operation.

Consistent maneuverability.

The VOLTO 800 has been designed specifically for use with 9′ 10″ (3 m) wide mowers and for heavy silage work. You can ted three big swaths cleanly and without running over the crop. The ingenious folding mechanism condenses a large 25′ 4″ (7.7 m) working width into a small transport package. It’s designed to fit close up and securely behind the tractor for great on-road stability. MAX SPREAD rotors with equal length tines driven via the PERMALINK finger clutches spread crops wide for quick drying.

ModelVOLTO 800
Working widthft (m)25' 3" (7.7)
Hitch type3-point
Mounting categoryII
PTO shaft speedRPM540
Number of rotorsqty6
Rotor diameterin (m)67" (1.7)
Arms per rotorqty7
Hydraulic spool valves1 x da
Spare rotor wheel mount
Edge tedding curtain
Hydraulic transport lock
Axle crop deflectors
Minimum HP requirementhp60
Transport widthft (m)9' 9" (3)
Transport heightft (m)11' 3" (3.4)
Weightlbs (kg)2050 (930)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Contour following.

Across its 25′ 4″ (7.7 m) working width, rotors of the VOLTO 800 adjust to changes in ground contour by riding on large-sized tires. Though coupled side by side, the outside rotors can move independently of one-another ensuring ash is not added to the crop even in hilly operation. An optional caster guide wheel can added too.

Flexible headstock.

The mechanical dampening system ensures smooth following when operating at high speeds and cornering. Furthermore, machine overrun on downhill slopes is prevented. It also positions the machine’s center of gravity forward on the tractor for added stability during transport. An optional caster guide wheel (shown) can be added to indicate the operating position of the 3-point linkage.

Transport folding.

The rotor arms on the VOLTO 800 are folded and unfolded via hydraulic sequential control with one double-acting spool valve. This system does not require a control box or electronics for operation and is simple for all operators to control.

Rotor gearbox.

The rotor gearboxes are permanently lubricated and sealed for maintenance-free operation. Continuous lubrication of the rotor drives handle extreme loads no matter the operating position.


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