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Highlights are the SMART DENSITY density management system, the ROTO CUT HD cutting rotor with 17 knives and the patented tying with an independent net brake system. The VARIANT is your reliable performer for high density at high speeds and optimal binding – no matter your conditions.

ModelVARIANT 560
Bale chamber widthin (m)48" (1.2)48" (1.2)
Bale diameterin (m)36" -63" (0.9-1.6)36" -63" (0.9-1.6)
83" (2.1 m) wide pickup
92.5" (2.35 m) wide pickup
Single roller crop press
Double roller crop press
Pivoting pick-up gauge wheels
Number of knives#14
Hydraulic drop floor
High strength endless belts#44
Silage ready
Dry hay only kit
XW (extra-wide) net wrap ready
Net wrap and twine binding
Bale ramp with in-cab indicator
Centralized grease banks
Automatic central grease system
Automatic central chain lubrication
Standard in-cab monitorCEMIS 700 TerminalCEMIS 700 Terminal
ISOBUS compatible
15/55-17 tires
19/45-17 tires
500/50-17 tires
540 rpm PTO
1000 rpm PTO
Minimum power requirementHP120100
Hydraulic connections1 x da + 1 x sa1 x da + 1 x sa
Drawbar categoryIIII
Width on standard tiresft (m)8' 2" (2.5)8' 2" (2.5)
Heightft (m)9' 6" (2.89)9' 6" (2.89)
Lengthft (m)14' 11" (4.41)14' 11" (4.41)
Weightlb (kg)6,900 - 8,554 (3130 -3880)6,625 - 8,201 (3005 - 3720)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


SMART DENSITY density management.

For optimum belt tensioning in every condition, the SMART density management system controls the two tensioning arms independently of one another. Need rock hard bales both inside and out? Or would you prefer a soft core for your hay bales with a solid outer shell?

Outperforming Bale Density.

VARIANT round balers have unmatched bale density in all crops, from wet baleage to dusty straw, these machines get the crop packed tightly. More material in one bale equals fewer bales to handle, less fuel, less labor, less net wrap, and less depreciation used per year. Studies have also shown that dense baleage preserves crop nutrients longer when wrapped with high-quality silage film. Less feed loss, better feed-to-gain, and more money in your pocket are just some benefits of dense bales from the VARIANT round baler.

Soft Core with solid outer shell.

Your hay is a little too wet with 20% moisture, but rain is moving closer? You want to have a softer core for less residue in your ring feeder? Or need some light bales for easier transport? With the VARIANT, you get a real soft core for your bales thanks to the two independent tensioning arms. Without leaving your cab, you can change from high density to real soft core bales and even choose a small, medium or large diameter for this soft core.  Always bale the perfect bale. VARIANT stands for versatility.

Simple Operation: CEMIS 700 ISOBUS Terminal.

A classy black look with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces make the CEMIS 700 an eye-catcher from the first glace. On second glance, even more advantages become visible: In addition to 10 backlit ISOBUS hard keys, there is a rotary/push control on the terminal as a control element. And the high-contrast color display with touch surface offers automatic day/night switching. All this makes it very easy to get started for baling: Simply go to your settings menu to select your crop, your bale size and your bale pressure – and you’re ready to go!

Convenient Net Wrapping

The VARIANT has everything you need to make light work of net wrapping. Thanks to the low height, it’s easy to load the roll and you can keep sight of it at all times. Dirt and crop residue can easily fall off so that the net roll always remains clean. The braking system of the patented tying system works independently of the size of roll.

Full view and easy loading.

While working, you have an excellent view of the pick-up and the net wrap or twine. With regards to the pick-up, this allows you to adjust the work rate as required. Depending on the crop and crop flow, you can push the machine to its limits to achieve maximum performance. With regards to the tying system, this allows you to monitor the roll and the tying process. When your role of net wrap or twine is empty, the reduced height enables easy and safe roll changes.

Clean binding with edge covering.

Sitting on a roller, dirt or crop residue directly fall out and the role of net wrap of twine always remains clean. The tried-and-tested COVERED XW net wrap, which is 51″ (1.30 m) wide to cover the edge of the bale is part of the standard equipment.  With the covered edge, bales stored outside shed water easily and film-wrapped baleage have smooth edges without crop sticking through. As an option, all models can be equipped with twine binding as usual.

Breaking system independent of size of roll.

The role of net wrap can be easily centered to the middle of the bale chamber thanks to adjustable devices on the left and right of the role. This enables the use of 48″ net wrap in the 51″ tying system of the VARIANT. The handle that holds the net wrap is very easy to use as the stretch of the net wrap is done by a rubber roller underneath the net wrap. This stretch can be adjusted manually depending on the net wrap used – With high quality net wrap from CLAAS and a high stretch, your bales stay perfectly in shape!

Smooth crop flow for high forage quality.

High forage quality starts even before the bale chamber: The VARIANT models offer a feed or cutting rotor, hydraulic drop floor and centralized or automatic lubrication to ensure smooth crop flow day after day for excellent forage quality in any condition.


The VARIANT RF models feature a spiral ROTO FEED rotor, while the VARIANT RC models come with a spiral ROTO CUT four-star cutting rotor that ensures excellent forage quality and high baling density. The VARIANT 565 RC and 585 RC additionally include heavy duty drive components such as reinforced drive chains, a thicker cutting rotor with 5/16 (8 mm) double-tine stars, 17 instead of 14 knives and special knife protection. The Heavy Duty concept makes these machines ideal for tough working conditions. With 17 knives and 2 23/64 ” (60 mm) theoretical chop length cutting quality remains excellent even in silage!

Hydraulic PRO drop floor.

The VARIANT 585 and 565 are equipped with the hydraulic PRO drop floor. This floor can be lowered hydraulically to clear blockages at the push of a button from the tractor cab, while the knives are automatically depressurized. But it doesn’t only remove blockages, it can also help avoid them in the first place: Capacity utilization is displayed to the driver so that the optimum speed can be selected depending on loads. Additionally, the PRO drop floor compensates for uneven swaths by being able to lower itself by up to 1  3/16″ (30 mm). And before the rotor is blocked, an acoustic signal warns the driver, so that there is enough time to reduce the driving speed.

Strong link.

Smooth crop flow and high bale density aren’t possible without a driveline built to last. A standard chain oiler supplies each individual chain with exactly the amount of oil needed for a long and smooth-running operation. Lubrication intervals are not tied to the number of bales, ensuring proper lubrication even in light crops. Save time and money on maintenance with this integrated system.


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