This outstanding performer now features a reworked 360° rotor for ROTO CUT machines, better-shaped bales with the new patented CLAAS Covered and CLAAS Covered XW wrapping system, and increased user convenience, thanks to operation with EASY on board, controlled via the iPad.

For decades, CLAAS VARIANT round balers have set the standard as the baler ready to take on all crops, from wet silage crops, dry grasses, to dusty straw. Built for the toughest crops, the rotor gets the bale turning right away and the adjustable tensioning system packs the bale tightly. The VARIANT can be fitted with either the ROTO FEED non-cutting rotor or ROTO CUT cutting rotor for pulling crop into the bale chamber. VARIANT 465 benefits from additional heavy-duty componentry from the drive chains to the rotor teeth for years of reliable operation. Capacity plus bale density equals a VARIANT round baler.

ModelVARIANT 460
Bale chamber widthin (m)48" (1.2)48" (1.2)
Bale diameterin (m)36" -61" (0.9-1.6)36" -61" (0.9-1.6)
83" wide pickup
93" wide pickup
Single roller crop press
Double roller crop press
Pivoting pick-up gauge wheels
Number of knives#14
Hydraulic drop floor
High strength endless belts#44
Silage ready
Dry hay only kit
XW (extra-wide) net wrap ready
Net wrap and twine binding
Bale ramp with in-cab indicator
Centralized grease banks
Automatic central grease system
Automatic central chain lubrication
Standard in-cab monitorOPERATOROPERATOR
ISOBUS compatible
15/55-17 tires
19/45-17 tires
500/50-17 tires
540 rpm PTO
1000 rpm PTO
Minimum power requirementHP10090
Hydraulic connections1 x da + 1 x sa1 x da + 1 x sa
Drawbar categoryIIII
Width on standard tiresft (m)8' 2" (2.5)8' 2" (2.5)
Heightft (m)9' 6" (2.9)9' 6" (2.9)
Lengthft (m)14' 11" (4.6)14' 11" (4.6)
Weightlb (kg)7495 (3400)7495 (3400)


Power to the right place.

The belt guide and the profiled, rubber-coated drive rollers ensure that the belts are always optimally positioned for driving the bale. Four highly durable endless baling belts and the TSUBAKI chains on the VARIANT guarantee you high bale density. A fast belt speed of 9.5 ft/s (2.9 m/s) means that the VARIANT turns faster than any other baler, leading to more bales per hour and higher capacity.

Years of operation.

To eliminate under or over oiling of the drive chains, a 1.7 gal (6.30 l) central lubricator supplies each individual chain with the exact amount of oil needed for a long and smooth-running operation. You save money on valuable oil in addition to saving valuable maintenance time. Machine longevity and maintenance intervals can be further increased with the addition of an automatic central lubrication system, available as an option (not shown). This makes sure each bearing gets the right amount of grease throughout the day, not just when it is convenient for the operator.

Packing bales tightly.

VARIANT RC machines are equipped with 14 knives which can be activated from inside the cab. Each knife is protected from foreign objects by an individual spring break back. With all 14 knives in operating position, the crop is sized to 2.75″ (70 mm). Blank knives can be inserted to customize the rotor’s chopping length. Removal of knives for service does not require special tools and is easily accessible through the opened and locked tailgate.

At maximum capacity.

The cutting floor on the VARIANT 465 RC is fitted with position sensors and an early warning alarm to indicate when machine capacity is being reached. This allows the operator to push the machine without the risk of plugging. In the unlikely event of a blockage, the floor is opened from the cab and the rotor is re-engaged via clutch to clear the material.


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