The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the simple ROLLANT to the feature-rich VARIANT. Proven in the toughest conditions world-wide all CLAAS round balers form dense bales, with unparalleled throughput and industry exclusive reliable bale starting.

Bales from the ROLLANT 520 are compact and easy to move directly into a hay feeder or TMR mixer. Great performance in both dry hay or wet silage crops is ensured by the ribbed rollers and intake rotor. With the ROTO CUT cutting rotor, hay is cut into lengths of 2.75 inches. Bales of this cut hay break apart easily and mix quickly in the TMR, taking less time and fuel. When cut bales are fed directly, there is reduced waste compared to un-cut hay because the animal is unable to pull large clumps out of the bale. This leads to higher feed-to-gain and less wasted feed to clean and spread. Though compact, the ROLLANT 520 is designed to save you money with higher quality feed and years of trouble-free operation.

ModelROLLANT 520
Bale chamber widthin (m)47" (1.2)47" (1.2)
Bale diameterin (m)49" (1.3)49" (1.3)
83" wide pickup
Short crop feed plate
Single roller crop press
Pivoting pick-up gauge wheels
Fixed pick-up gauge wheels
Number of knives#14
Hydraulic rotor reverse
Hydraulic bale density
Twine only
Net wrap only
Net wrap and twine binding
Bale ramp with in-cab indicator
Standard in-cab monitorOPERATOROPERATOR
ISOBUS compatible
15/55-17 tires
19/45-17 tires
540 rpm PTO
Minimum power requirementHP9580
Hydraulic connections1 x da + 1 x sa1 x da + 1 x sa
Drawbar categoryIIII
Width on standard tiresft (m)7' 11" (2.4)7' 11" (2.4)
Heightft (m)8' 5" (2.6)8' 5" (2.6)
Lengthft (m)14' 8" (4.5)14' 8" (4.5)
Weightlb (kg)6512 (2954)6512 (2954)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Intelligent reliability.

Lubrication of the drive chains occurs automatically with the standard centralized chain lubrication. A simple cam adjusts how often oil is set to the drive chains completely independently of how often the tailgate is cycled. This extends the service life and keeps wear as low as possible even in low-yielding crops. 1.7 gallon (6.3 L) capacity handles long working days without needing refills.

Rock hard bales.

MAXIMUM PRESSURE SYSTEM (MPS) is optionally available for the ROLLANT 520. The three-roller segment pivots in the tailgate, generating additional pressure on the bale when it reaches 41″ (1.05 m) in diameter. Perfectly formed, highly compacted bales are made even at high groundspeeds.

Rugged rollers.

16 rollers are used to spin the crop for particularly dense silage bales. 8 of the rollers have 3mm thick sidewalls with the other 8 rollers having thicker 4mm sidewalls for added strength. This extra material allows bale densities to be higher than ever without damaging the baler and more bale density equals fewer bales to handle, less fuel, less labor, less net wrap, and less depreciation used per year. Rollers are held in place by a bolted shaft flange that provides greater elasticity where welded shafts would crack from vibration stress.

Operator confidence.

After opening the tailgate and dropping the bale, a bale ramp makes sure the bale has cleared before the tailgate is closed. A position sensor indicates in the cab to the operator when the tailgate can be closed and baling resumed. This prevents potential damage to the machine but also saves time and wear on the tractor that is typical when reversing to drop a completed bale. With the ramp, reversing is not required and is a CLAAS exclusive in the fixed chamber market.


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