The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the simple ROLLANT to the feature-rich VARIANT. Proven in the toughest conditions world-wide all CLAAS round balers form dense bales, with unparalleled throughput and industry exclusive reliable bale starting.

For quality silage, the crop has to be formed quickly into high-density bales. The ROLLANT 455 RC and 455 UNIWRAP are your partners for baling silage quickly. With the integrated twin arm wrapper, the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP saves valuable time and labor by baling and wrapping simultaneously with just one operator. Both machines have the proven MAXIMUM PRESSURE SYSTEM (MPS) that delivers extra pressure on the bale as it increases in diameter. Performance of both machines is unmatched in dry crops as well, with the 25 knife ROTO CUT rotor chopping the forage for tightly packed bales and easily handled material when the bale is opened. The heavy-duty driveline is protected by a cam clutch on the PTO, spring tensioners on the chains, and automatic chain lubrication for long days in the field.

ModelROLLANT 455
Bale chamber widthin (m)47" (1.2)47" (1.2)
Bale diameterin (m)49 -53" (1.3-1.4)49 -53" (1.3 -1.4)
83" wide pickup
Short crop feed plate
Double roller crop press
Pivoting pick-up gauge wheels
Number of knives#2525
Hydraulic pivoting floor
Net wrap only
Wide film and net wrap bale binding system
Twin arm 750 mm stretch film wrapper
Automatic chain lubrication
Automatic central grease system
ISOBUS compatible
Wrapper control terminal
550/60-22.5 tires
620/55 R26.5 tires
15/55-17 tires
19/45-17 tires
560/45-22.5 tires
1000 rpm PTO
Minimum power requirementHP140120
Hydraulic connectionsLS or 1 x sa + free return2 x sa + free return
Drawbar categoryIIII
Width on standard tiresft (m)9' 6" (2.9)8' 6" (2.6)
Heightft (m)10' (3.0)8' 6" (2.6)
Lengthft (m)22' 7" (6.9)15' 1" (4.6)
Weightlb (kg)12787 (5800)7275 (3300)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Chopping quality.

The 25 knife ROTO CUT rotor with individual knife protection quickly chops incoming crop as small as 1.9 inches in length. Longer cuts are possible with blank knives or selecting from 0/12/13/25 knives from the operator seat. The movement of the rotor floor is indicated on the control terminal with visual and acoustic signals. This means the operator is alerted to the threat of blockages in time and can react accordingly –from the comfort of the cab. Any blockages that do occur can be easily cleared by opening the drop floor and then the rotor sweeps the blockage straight into the bale chamber. When it closes again, the knives swing back in automatically and operation resumes.

Bale quality.

Using the optional wide film and net wrap bale binding system, silage bales can be secured without using net wrap. Wide film is applied to the bale circumference before exiting the bale chamber then the twin arm wrapper caps off the ends. Since net wrap isn’t used, air pockets that form mold on the bale’s edge are eliminated and the bale has an extra layer of protection against tears during handling. When not baling silage, net wrap can be used instead to secure each bale and the wrapper turned off.

Integrated storage.

Each side of the baler holds 6 extra rolls of film. This ensures operation can continue throughout the day and into the night without interruption. The holder folds down hydraulically and each roll is easy to reach. Additionally, the cover protects the film from direct sunlight, ensuring the film works just as well late in the day as it did at the beginning.

Accessible controls.

Using the CMT II attached to the wrapper, you can program the wrapper for specific conditions before use. When carrying out maintenance, such as changing a roll of film, you can manually activate the wrapping and film cutting functions on the spot. This all is conveniently done from the side of the machine rather than bouncing between the wrapper and tractor control terminal. Adjustments are made and torn film is fixed quickly so that wrapping and baling can resume.


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