The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment and the QUADRANT is no exception. Square bales and throughput come naturally with all CLAAS square balers. Make quick work of hay, straw, or biomass.

Bale chamber widthin (m)47" (1.2)47" (1.2)47" (1.2)
Bale chamber heightin (m)35" (0.9)35" (0.9)35" (0.9)
Bale chamber lengthin (m)152" (3.9)152" (3.9)152" (3.9)
Min. + Max. bale lengthin (m)1' 7" - 9' 10" (0.5-3.0)1' 7" - 9' 10" (0.5-3.0)1' 7" - 9' 10" (0.5-3.0)
Plunger strokes per minute#474747
Pickup widthin (m)93" (2.4)93" (2.4)93" (2.4)
Pivoting pick-up gauge wheels
Double roller crop press
Knife group selection#51, 26, 25, 13, 12, 025, 13, 12, 6, 0
Hydraulic drop floor
CLAAS HD II single knotters#666
Twine ball capacity#242424
Hydraulic bale ejector
Automatic central grease system
Single axle
Tandem axle
Steering tandem axle
500/55-20 tires
620/50-22.5 tires
Standard in-cab monitorCEMIS 700CEMIS 700CEMIS 700
ISOBUS compatible
1000 rpm PTO
Minimum power requirementHP210180150
Hydraulic connections3 x sa + free return or LS3 x sa + free return or LS3 x sa + free return or LS
Ball joint hitch categoryIII or IVIII or IVIII or IV
Width on standard tiresft (m)9' 1" (2.8)9' 9" (3.0)9' 9" (3.0)
Heightft (m)11' 6" (3.38)11' 6" (3.38)11' 6" (3.38)
Lengthft (m)29' 6" (8.99)29' 6" (8.99)29' 6" (8.99)
Weightlb (kg)23,810 (10,800)21,826 (9,900)21,826 (9,900)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Baling heavyweight.

It’s very simple, the higher the throughput, the faster the field is cleared, and baling more pounds per cubic foot achieves higher tonnage per hour. In short, the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the QUADRANT is outstanding. The long bale chamber and plunger driven by the large main gearbox has the potential to produce dense dales at high throughput rates. This is a great advantage for straw or dry and wet hay harvesters alike.

High throughput, thorough work.

Depending on the consistency of the crop and windrow size, three pre-chamber modes can be selected via the ISOBUS control terminal to achieve maximum output at all times. Only the QUADRANT uses two paddle shafts and sensors to activate the stuffer cycle. The packer rakes crop into the pre-chamber until full, then pushes the flake in front of the plunger. The results are firm, well-shaped and conveniently stackable bales while maintaining maximum throughput.

Perfectly shaped bales.

The optimized top bale chamber plate ensures rock-hard bales right to the edges. Continuous straight bale chamber side plates compact the bales more evenly. Factory-fitted side knives and deflectors reduce material build-up in the ram guide area when baling straw, corn or sugarcane – further increasing operational safety and reducing the cleaning effort. The closed bale chamber design guarantees particularly square bales, right through to the edges.

Consistent density.

Only CLAAS offers an automatic control system for baling pressure and resulting bale density. The variables for automatic baling pressure are the load on the baler frame and the twine tension. With this system, even an inexperienced baler driver has no problem operating the machine at maximum capacity, hour after hour. The first step is to enter the bale density in the menu, then the machine calculates the load limit based on the crop and twine quality.

Cut easily.

The knife drawer for the ROTO CUT and FINE CUT simplify maintenance with automatic knife cleaning function, access from both sides of the baler, and automatic lowering in the event of a blockage. The automatically lowerable floor is a feature that is unique to CLAAS square balers. Lowering and raising of the rotor floor can be controlled from the operator terminal or the side of the baler. Each knife has individual spring protection for the longevity of the rotor. Blank knives can also be installed to customize the length of chopped crop.

Operate the bale ramp from the cab and watch the bale weight.

A long baling chamber, high plunger frequency, and automatic baling pressure control ensure high bale density in all conditions. Now the bale ramp can be opened and closed hydraulically from the comfort of your cab, so no need to step down. This function also enables the final bale to be ejected from your driver’s seat. You can also set the weight for the finished bales with the optional bale weighing system. Four sensors precisely measure the bale weight right on the bale ramp and record it to the monitor. This gives contractors and farm owners alike an overview of how many tons were produced in a particular area.

Simple terminal operation.

Accessible via CEMIS 700, CEBIS or any other ISOBUS-compatible terminal, just two working menus and three settings menus provide a perfect overview and rapid navigation.  Even oil temperatures and oil levels can be monitored in the terminal at all times. Thanks to an optional PROFI CAM 4 camera – with additional display on request – you can also keep an eye on working areas such as the knotters, the bale chute or the entire area behind the baler. Comfort and safety have been enhanced in equal measure!


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