• Our general duty 15 foot flex wing rotary mower.
  • A single domed 10ga continuously welded deck makes the cutter extremely easy to clean, prevents water pooling, rusting and helps shed debris
  • An 80° CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns. The “Best in Class” drive system features a category 6 CV for 540rpm and the 1000 rpm is a category 5. The drive line on the cutter itself employs self-adjusting friction clutches to protect your investment and always operate at peak performance
  • Equipped with Schulte Super Suction Blades with 6.5 ” blade overlap for maximum grass lift and cut
  • A four-gearbox drive line with independent slip clutches
  • Deck protection rings are standard and protect the cutter deck from rising blades
  • Deep 13 5/8” deck combined with high blade tip speeds, provides a faster cut rate than competitors.
  • High flex wing working range of 25° down to 90° up
  • Solid laminated tires 20” or 26” or forklift tires available
  • 4, 6 or 8 tire options
  • Heavy duty 3/4” thick blade disc with 4” blades and pentagon blade bolts
  • Safety light kit
  • Pro Level hitch
  • Levelling rod (optional addition of second tension link)
  • 540 or 1000 RPM Drive package
  • Single chains front and rear
  • Gearbox sight glass
  • Heavy duty cast hinge line with wiper seals
  • Deck protection rings are standard
Cutting Width15’ (4.57m)
Overall Width15.8’ (4.83m)
Overall Length16.8’ (5.13m)
Cutting Height1.75”-16.75” (45mm-425mm)
Transport Width93” (2.36m)
Transport Height84” (2.13m)
Hitch Weight1,702lbs (772kg)
Cutting Capacity3.5” (89mm)
Minimum Tractor Size50hp (37kw)
Blade Tip Speed Center 540rpm16,286 ft/min (4964m/min)
Blade Tip Speed Wing 540rpm15,459 ft/min (4711m/min)
Blade Tip Speed Center 1000rpm16,390 ft/min (4996m/min)
Blade Tip Speed Wing 1000rpm15,708 ft/min (4788m/min)
Blade Overlap6.5” (165mm)
Divider Gearbox Rating260hp (194kw)
Center & Wing Gearbox Rating210hp (155kw)*
540 CVCat 6
1000 CVCat 5
Wing Drive ShaftsCat 5
Deck Thickness.135” (10ga or 3.4mm)
Side Skirt Depth & Thickness13.6” (346mm) 1/4” (6.4mm)
Wing Working Range25° down to 90° up
Wing Floating Range25° down to 30° up


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