DISCO 9400


Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

ModelDISCO 9400
Working widthft (m)29' 2" - 29' 10" (8.9-9.1)
3-point mounting categoryIII / IV-N
PTO shaft speedRPM1000
Number of discs2 x 8
Blade changeQuick knife
Break back safetyHydraulic nonstop
Hydraulic spool valvesLS + FR + 1 x sa or 2 x sa + FR
Hydraulically foldable end covers
Transport lights
Work lights
Minimum HP requirementhp250
Windrow widthft (m)2 x 5' 11" - 9' 2" (1.8-2.8)
Transport widthft (m)9' 8" (2.95)
Transport height w/o ground clearanceft (m)12' 9" (3.9)
Weightlbs (kg)6,504 (2950)
Control terminalCEMIS 700 or ISOBUS
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Adaptability built in.

Forage harvesting isn’t a one size fits all process, that’s why CLAAS offers the DISCO 9400-9200 triple mowers. Built to operate in a variety of crops and with different techniques, these mowers get large quantities of forage prepared for harvest. With a working width up to 29′ 10″ (9.1 m) and conditioning options of rubber roller, tine, non-conditioning, or tine conditioning with belt mergers. Reap the benefits of a machine investment that has adaptability built-in, whether harvesting delicate legumes, bulky grasses, or dense biomass.

All-round view guaranteed: DISCO 9400 C DUO.

DISCO 9400 C DUO has a working width of 29’ 10” (9.1 m), making it the widest mower on the market for tractors with a reverse-drive system. The mounting location immediately in front of the cab gives the driver a clear view of the mowing units and the crop, for maximum driving comfort. If required, the mower can be converted for operation as a front-rear combination.

DUO advantages.

  • ACTIVE FLOAT for all units (including front mowers)
  • MAX CUT for superb cutting quality
  • Tine conditioner
  • Hydraulic non-stop collision protection
  • KENNFIXX® hydraulic connector with hydraulic function marking and magnetic bracket
  • Hydraulically folding side protective covers (standard)
  • Hydraulic transport lock
  • Lower link guides for ease of mounting
  • LED light bar
  • Optionally fitted with four LED work lights for professional harvesting results, even at night

Simply the ultimate in efficiency – DISCO 9300 TREND.

That’s the USP of the DISCO 9300 TREND, with a working width of 29’ 10” (9.1 m) or 29’ 2” (8.9 m). Thinking of stepping up to a large-scale mower? Then the entry-level DISCO 9300 TREND is the perfect choice. It combines agility with an impressive work rate. And needless to say, the core component is the proven MAX CUT mower bed with the ACTIVE FLOAT suspension. Features such as the convenient knife box, the red marking on the anticlockwise blades and mowing discs, and the color coding of different lubrication intervals even make maintenance less of a chore.

Easy Operation.

The DISCO 9300 TREND is the perfect choice if you simply want to mow – using professional equipment, but without electronics: folding, mowing, lifting – all via one single-acting spool valve. To control the ACTIVE FLOAT while underway, you simply need another single-acting spool valve. Optional direct individual lift is also available: With an additional single-acting spool valve, you can lift each mowing unit individually via a separate spool valve. You can use the headland management system to lift both mowing units together to make the most of the tractor’s intelligence.

PLUS control operation if you want some more functionality.

This option includes a hydraulic transport lock, hydraulic protective cover folding and an automatic function for individual lifting. The latter preselects the second mowing unit as soon as the first is raised for optimum ease of operation. For this you need a double-acting spool valve instead of the single-acting one – the function is operated via the CEMIS 10 terminal. PLUS operation is particularly recommended for tractors with few or mechanical spool valves.

MAX CUT bar for maximum quality.

The MAX CUT bar is permanently lubricated and is maintenance-free. A unique wave shape enables the driven gears to be placed at the front of the cutterbar and engaged with the drive gears at two points. This two-point connection along with large gear teeth securely transfers power to the mowing disc. Uniform disc spacing ensures a perfect cut under all operating conditions. The red marking on the anticlockwise blades and mowing discs make the convenient quick blade change even more easy!

Optimum results with ACTIVE FLOAT.

With ACTIVE FLOAT, you are able to adapt quickly and easily to changing conditions, such as wet spots or dry hilltops. The ground pressure of the mower can be adjusted with a single-acting spool valve, even while working. A pressure gauge visible from the cab indicates the ACTIVE FLOAT pressure value. No two fields are the same, but ACTIVE FLOAT ensures optimum ground-contour following and uniform cutting at high working speeds for clean forage with less ash, reduces wear and tear and less fuel consumption – in any field!

One mower, four processes – DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER.

The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER is adaptable in the field with the push of a button. Mergers are lifted or lowered from the cab to maximize the full potential of the machine and the operator’s time in the field.

Swath grouping.

For swath grouping, the two belt mergers are folded down. In dense crops, the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER forms a box-shaped swath, perfect for picking up with the forage harvester.

59 feet (18 m) into one swath.

Working in combination with the LINER 3600, which has a raking width of 41 ft (12.5 m), the mower and rake can combine a working width of 59 ft (18 m) into a single swath. By folding up one of the belt units during a back-and-forth pass, a working width of 59 ft (18 m) can be consolidated into 6.5 ft (12 m). This can boost the JAGUAR forager harvester’s harvesting capacity by up to 40 percent.

Spreading the crop.

Adaptability is key when managing harvest around weather events. By folding up the merger units, the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER can spread the crop in separate swaths to maximize drying.

Edge mowing.

Keep the following harvest equipment away from fence lines and other objects along the field edge by throwing the crop inwards. Either merger can be used at the outside field edge, to make sure no valuable crop is lost and the harvest continues without interruption.

Full capacity, independent of the operator.

A machine’s capacity in acres per hour must be fully optimized to keep fuel, labor, and depreciation costs per hour to a minimum. Features like speed monitoring, BELT BOOST, slope control, and front mower integration on CLAAS triple mowers ensure each machine reaches its full potential no matter who is in the operator seat.

Speed monitoring.

If the disc speed of a mower unit falls below a defined limit (which can be pre-set as required), the driver is alerted to this with a visual and acoustic alarm. This means the full capacity of the machine can be used at all times. An angle sensor can be used to save the required headland lift height. In combination with the disc speed monitoring system, the angle sensor effectively protects the driveline from operator errors and maximizes fuel consumption per hour.


When the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER is raised at the headlands, the mergers are automatically accelerated to the maximum speed with the patented BELT BOOST technology. This forms a tapered swath, rather than increasing its width. The swath is then picked up by the following harvesting machine cleanly.

Slope control.

An incline sensor on the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER, adjusts the ground pressure (ACTIVE FLOAT) and belt speed automatically to the current slope angle. The required pressure change based on slope angle is easily adjusted from the terminal. This reduces the driver’s workload and improves capacity. The change in frictional forces also helps to positively counter slope drift, which in turn protects the stubble. The result is optimal swath formation in cross-slope passes and less risk of unmown strips or ash inclusion in the crop.

Front mower integration.

For even greater convenience, operators can also optimize their CLAAS front mower, provided the front mower and large-scale mower are fitted with the required options. When fitted with this option, no additional spool valve is needed for performing front mower functions, integration disc speed monitoring, ACTIVE FLOAT control, and automatic control of the hydraulically foldable protective covers. Further integration is possible with a tractor ISOBUS monitor, a standard feature on most CLAAS AXION tractors.


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