DISCO 4000


Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

Convenient capacity.

DISCO mowers from CLAAS are some of the most fuel-efficient, durable, agile mowers in the market. The DISCO 4000 TRC was designed specifically for North American crop conditions with a double roller drive to better handle taller crops, a new drawbar attachment for smooth turning, and adjustable swath plates for more flexibility in windrow formation. The DISCO 3600 TRC / TC and 4000 TC built from the same architecture provide wide working widths in an easy to hook up and operate package. All these mowers cut cleaner because they come standard with the ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension and PROFIL pivot linkage, unlike anything found on competitive trailed mowers. Adjustments to the suspension can be carried out while operating through changing field conditions.

ModelDISCO 4000
DISCO4000 TRC4000 TC
Working widthft (m)12' 6" (3.8)12' 6" (3.8)
2-point mounting categoryIIII
Drawbar mounting categoryIII / IIIII / II
PTO shaft speedRPM10001000
Number of discs99
Blade changeQuick knifeQuick knife
Hydraulic spool valves1 x da + 1 x sa (1 x sa)1 x da + 1 x sa (1 x sa)
Drawbar pivotingHydraulicHydraulic
Foldable end coversManualManual
Minimum HP requirementhp110110
Windrow widthft (m)2' 11" -9' 2" (0.9-2.8)6' 7" -9' 10" (2.0-3.0)
Transport widthft (m)12' 6" (3.8)12' 6" (3.8)
Transport lengthft (m)29' 4" (9.0)27' 10" (8.5)
Weightlbs (kg)6393 (2900)5335 (2420)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Truly pulled cutterbar.

CLAAS DISCO trailed mowers use a central suspension that pulls the cutterbar into the oncoming crop. This linkage allows the mower to pivot laterally along with moving up and back more than 20 inches when encountering immovable objects. Also, the weight of the mower head is transferred to the tractor and mower axle for traction in hillsides using the hydropneumatic ACTIVE FLOAT. This keeps weight off the cutterbar resulting in better stubble and crop regrowth. Adjustment of ground pressure is convenient from the operator seat using the single-acting valve connected to ACTIVE FLOAT.

DISCO 4000 TRC crop discharge.

With the DISCO 4000 TRC infinitely variable left and right swath plates and a pivoting crop spreader make everything from tall, boxy swaths to wide, flat windrows. Adjustments are all done without the use of tools. Widths of 2′ 11″ (0.9 m) to 9′ 2″ (2.8 m) can be conveniently made to maximize the capacity of the next machine in the forage harvesting chain.

DISCO 4000 TC + 3600 TRC / TC crop discharge.

The DISCO 4000 TC and 3600 TRC / TC have a crop spreading hood with clearly marked crop fin locations. Windrow widths vary depending on conditioner type but all adjustments are done without the use of tools. Moving hardware has a corrosion resistant coating to ensure reliable operation for years to come.

Conditioner drive.

Double roller drive via a toothed belt (shown) on the DISCO 4000 TRC handles the toughest crops without plugging. The DISCO 4000 TC and 3600 TC models have belt-driven tine conditioning reels (not shown) that are easily adjusted, easy to service, and naturally have overload protection from blockages. Single belt drive (not shown) is used on the DISCO 3600 TRC with the same benefits. All models have conditioner shafts that ride in large pedestal bearing outside the conditioner housing for protection against wear and long service life.

Simple attachment.

Time spent hitching machines is time not spent getting crop mown. Choose from two coupling options, drawbar or 2-point, to match the DISCO mower to any tractor. A swiveling drive head centers the drawbar behind the tractor but also keeps the PTO driveline straightin all operating positions. This reduces wear and a 250-hour lubrication interval on all drive shafts keeps maintenance to a minimum. Enjoy the benefit of maximum uptime during critical hay harvesting windows.


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