Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

Clean movement.

Not all front mowers are built equal and when forage quality is on the line, choose CLAAS to lead the harvest. Either paired with a rear mower for high capacity or used independently, the DISCO 3600 MOVE front mower has a large range of motion for ground contour following independent from the tractor’s 3-point. Crop is not driven on before being cut, keeping ash inclusions to a minimum and the crop stubble on the right track to a consistent regrowth. See the benefits of higher quality forage and consistent yields for yourself.

ModelDISCO 3600 MOVE
Working widthft (m)11' 2" (3.4)11' 2" (3.4)11' 2" (3.4)
3-point mounting categoryIIIIII
PTO shaft speedRPM100010001000
Number of discs888
Blade changeQuick knifeQuick knifeQuick knife
Hydraulic spool valves1 x da + 1 x sa1 x da + 1 x sa1 x da + 1 x sa
Hydraulically foldable end covers
Minimum HP requirementhp858570
Windrow widthft (m)5' 7 -8' 6" (1.7-2.6)5' 3" -10' 6" (1.6-3.2)5' 11" -8' 6" (1.8-2.6)
Transport widthft (m)11' 2" (3.4)11' 2" (3.4)11' 2" (3.4)
Transport lengthft (m)6' 9" (2.05)6' 9" (2.05)5' 8" (1.73)
Weightlbs (kg)3131 (1420)3064 (1390)2337 (1060)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Linkage geometry.

The DISCO MOVE moves both horizontally and vertically, independently of the tractor lifting unit, and fully accommodates the mower lift height. A low pivot point next to the cutterbar pivots for small bumps in the terrain. For larger surface irregularities the MOVE linkage geometry ensures flawless adaptation to the terrain –with unique vertical freedom of movement of 39″ (1000 mm). ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension, adjustable while on the move, allows changes to be made to cutterbar ground pressure. Even on tractors with large lifting cylinders and at high ground speeds the DISCO MOVE is your partner for maximum flexibility.

Clear visibility.

The headstock of the DISCO MOVE is key to the mower’s ability to cut cleanly but it doesn’t impede the view in front of the tractor during field operation or transport between fields. Also, each outside edge of the mower is clearly visible from the seat of the CLAAS AXION tractor so the mower can be piloted confidently around immovable objects.

Straightforward connections.

The hydraulic hoses and ACTIVE FLOAT pressure gauge can be mounted on either side depending on the tractor configuration. An adjustment guide on the left clearly indicates the correct lower link height. KENNFIXX® connectors simplify the operation of connecting and disconnecting hydraulic hoses with distinctly labeled colors and symbols. The unique mounting block makes mower attachment quick and easy. Attachment to the tractor can be direct via the tractor three-point or a three-point quick hitch coupler.


DISCO MOVE front mowers make an outstanding partner for a DISCO rear mower by increasing capacity with the same tractor and adding stability during transport by balancing tractor axle load. Also, the front mower can be operated directly via the large-scale mower hydraulics (optional). This function keeps the operator’s attention on navigating headlands rather than multiple hydraulic functions during turning. Integration of disc speed sensors and ACTIVE FLOAT adjustments with the rear mower is also optional.


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