Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

Better doesn’t equal complicated.

The new DISCO 24, 28, 32, and 360 get straight to the point and to the field. It’s the only three-point mower that uses the same high end cutterbar used in all CLAAS mowers. Minimal maintenance saves you time and money. Easy attachment gets you to the field or on to the next task quicker and without frustration. Take a look at the new standard for mounted mowers.

ModelDISCO 24
Working widthft (m)7' 2" (2.2)
3-point mounting categoryII / III
Quick hitch compatible
PTO shaft speedRPM540
Number of discs5
Bolted knives
Quick change knives
Cutterbar operating rangedegrees65
Hydraulic spool valves1 x sa
Hydraulic transport folding
Rope actuated transport lock
Folding front and rear curtains
Minimum HP requirementhp40
Windrow widthft (m)4' 3" (1.3)
Transport widthft (m)5' 11" (1.8)
Weightlbs (kg)1433 (650)
● Standard ○ Optional – Not available



Time is precious on any farm, no matter if you are harvesting 50 or 500 acres. That’s why getting to the field quickly to start mowing or on to the next task of the day shouldn’t be hampered by your equipment. Learn how the DISCO mower is built to make your time during critical harvesting windows less stressful.

Quick-hitch ready.

Save time hooking and un-hooking the mower with convenient quick-hitch compatibility. The DISCO 24, 28, and 32 models are compatible with category 2 and 3 quick-hitches to make attachment quick and painless. Make the most of precious time, get to the field, or attach to the next implement quicker.

Integrated parking stand.

Don’t lose time fumbling with separate clips and pins each time the parking stand is lifted or lowered. Simply pull the spring-loaded pin and set the stand up or down. Make the most of precious time and forget the frustration of lost pins and clips.


Getting the most from your mower investment comes naturally with the DISCO rear mower. Built with features like a belt-drive, extended service intervals, and coil spring suspension makes the most of your dollar while using less fuel. An investment like this should reap rewards throughout its long service, count on the DISCO to deliver just that.

Efficient driveline.

Constant power is achieved with belts and without the losses associated with driveshafts. Belts also absorb shock loads and can be adjusted without tools. The PTO is time efficient as well, with a 250-hour grease interval and attachment without the hassle of a safety chain. This efficient driveline makes the most of your time while using less power and fuel.

Spend less time.

Time spent on machine maintenance is time that could have been spent in the field. Make the most of valuable time with the mower that does not require a cutterbar or gearbox oil change at 250 hours.

Spend less money.

Save money on maintenance with higher oil change intervals. At 250 hours, neither time nor money has to be spent on oil changes for the gearbox or cutterbar with the CLAAS DISCO mower.

Constant suspension.

Move across field variations with ease. Powerful coil spring suspension allows the cutterbar to react to field variations and immovable objects. Across the working width, the suspension, in tandem with the MAX CUT cutterbar, takes the least amount of force to move, while still providing a uniform cut.


Many competitors use cheap and weak components in their 3-point mowers. CLAAS stands behind their machines by fitting the industry-leading MAXCUT cutterbar in all mowers from the largest 35′ 1″ DISCO 1100 to the smallest 7′ 2″ DISCO 24. Cutterbar strength comes from the exclusive bolted connections and large drive spur gears. This all means that it is a durable mower designed to work in the field year after year, whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or just another day of the week.

  1. Base is stamped from a single piece of steel, with an exclusive wave design that places the blades further into the oncoming crop
  2. Fully rotating knives on both bolted and quick change discs
  3. Tunnel effect pulls dirt out of the crop leading to higher crop quality
  4. Cutterbar base and cover are machined and bolted together for maximum impact resistance
  5. Finely ground convex gears result in quiet and efficient power transfer
  6. SAFETY LINK shear modules protect the cutterbar in event of an impact
  7. Hardened connectors deliver long wear life
  8. Lifetime and permanently lubricated cutterbar

Precision in every detail.

With more surface area to transfer power, gears in the MAXCUT cutterbar absorb variations in crop density with ease. The precise design reduces time lost in the field from failed gears -meaning hay will be mowed when it should be.


Your mower’s reliability shouldn’t be questionable during tight harvest windows. That’s why CLAAS DISCO mowers can work continuously on sharp angles, have SAFETY LINK modules standard to protect the drive-train, and the knives can be changed in minutes. All these make the reliability of DISCO mowers unmatched in the market.

Degrees of movement.

Tackle varied terrain with the reliable DISCO mower, capable of operating continuously across a span of 65 degrees. Confidently reach up a hillside or down into a ditch without the worry of cutterbar integrity. During transport, the DISCO 24, 28, and 32 lift 95 degrees to place the center of gravity between the rear tires. The DISCO 360 lifts to 105 degrees to keep both rear tires firmly planted on the road during transport.


Each disc is protected by a module with a pre-determined breaking point that shears off to protect the drive-train.The disc is held in place until the module can be replaced. In three minutes the module can be replaced and mowing can resume. Reliability shouldn’t come at the cost of lost time in the field.

Bolted knives.

Standard equipment on the DISCO 24, 28, and 32 are bolted knives. Only one ratchet or impact is needed to remove and install the bolted knives. For example, one person can change the complete set of bolted knives on a DISCO 28 in less than 4 minutes.

Quick change knives.

Standard on the DISCO 360 and optional on the 28 and 32, are discs fitted with quick-change knife pins. Knives can be flipped or change quickly using the included lever to depress the flat spring. For example, one person can install a complete set of quick-change knives on the DISCO 28 in less than 2 minutes.


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