DISCO 1100


Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

ModelDISCO 1100
DISCO1100 RC1100 C1100 TREND
Working widthft (m)30' 10" -35' 2" (9.4-10.7)30' 10" -35' 2" (9.4-10.7)31' 6" -35' 1" (9.6-10.7)
3-point mounting categoryIII / IV-NIII / IV-NIII / IV-N
PTO shaft speedRPM100010001000
Number of discs2 x 92 x 92 x 9
Blade changeQuick knifeQuick knifeQuick knife
Non-stop break back protection
Hydraulic spool valvesLS or 1 x sa + FRLS or 1 x sa + FRLS or 1 x sa + FR
Hydraulically foldable end covers
Transport lights
Work lights
Minimum HP requirementhp210200170
Windrow widthft (m)2 x 6' 7" -11' 10" (2-3.6)2 x 6' 7" -11' 10" (2-3.6)2 x 9' 6" (2.9)
Transport widthft (m)9' 8" (2.95)9' 8" (2.95)9' 8" (2.95)
Transport height w/o ground clearanceft (m)12' 5" (3.79)12' 5" (3.79)12' 5" (3.79)
Weightlbs (kg)7760 (3520)7870 (3570)5732 (2600)
Control terminalCEMIS 700 or ISOBUSCEMIS 700 or ISOBUSControl box
  ● Standard ○ Optional – Not available


Unprecedented Productivity.

Hay quality changes by the hour and that’s why it is important to move quickly when hay reaches the correct maturity. With a working width of up to 35′ 1″ (10.7 m), the DISCO 1100 TREND and DISCO 1100 C / RC are the largest CLAAS mowers on the market today and offer unmatched mower capacity with either rubber roll, tine, or non-conditioning. Livestock producers rely on the best possible hay quality and commercial operators rely on machine investments built for tough work. You find both and more with CLAAS triple mowers and mower conditioners.

Productive drive.

Spend less time preparing to mow and more time working. The drive train design is ultra-reliable with minimal maintenance on 250-hour lubrication intervals. A simple telescoping driveshaft gets power to the cutterbar and conditioners while remaining easily accessible for service.

Full-width productivity.

Maximize acres per hour even in irregularly shaped fields. Each of the two telescoping booms, fitted with a 12′ 6″ (3.8 m) MAXCUT cutterbar, has infinitely variable adjustment of working width via the terminal on the go. While mowing in corners skipped crop is managed by sliding booms into the 30′ 10″ working width with 24″ of overlap. On straightaways, booms are slid out for maximum cutting width and minimal overlap.

Team effort.

Follow behind the right team member for productive field operation. DISCO PROFIL front mowers are well suited for tractors with reactive front linkages while DISCO MOVE front mowers provide adaptability independently from the tractor. When paired with a 9′ 10″ front mower, a DISCO 1100 reaches a working width of 34′ 2″. A DISCO 1100 reaches its full 35′ 2″ of working width when paired with an 11′ 2″ front mower.

Seamless integration.

Keep operators focused and productive with optional integration of front mower monitoring on the DISCO 1100 RC / C display. Driveline rotational speeds and ACTIVE FLOAT pressures for both front and rear units are addressed on one monitor. If the speed of a mower unit falls below a (pre-adjustable) limit value, the driver is alerted with a visual and audible alarm. This allows full utilization of the machine’s capacity at all times. The required lift height at headlands can be saved, using an angle sensor. In combination with the disc speed monitoring function, the angle sensor provides effective protection against operator errors. Further integration is possible with a tractor ISOBUS monitor, a standard feature on most CLAAS AXION tractors.


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