Charger II Semi-Trailer


The Charger II Semi-Trailers are designed as a complete trailer. Our integral trailer framework utilizes the hopper sub-frame, tubular steel “X” bracing and the main frame rails to achieve a superior strength to weight ratio.  Charger II Semi-Trailers are available in different lengths to accommodate your individual capacity needs and maximize your payload.

ModelCharger II Semi-Trailer

The Charger II Semi-Trailer can be powered by a hydraulic wet kit or with a self-contained power pack.  The tandem-hydraulic wet kit mounts on the tractor and is lightweight, economical and efficient.  The self-contained diesel power pack is mounted to the semi-trailer framework.  This option allows any tractor to pull the semi-trailer.  The semi-trailer can be dropped off at a remote location and still unload at full capacity.

Wet kit features:

  • Tractor or trailer mounted
  • Commercial Intertech P330 tandem pump
  • Standard 45-gallon steel oil reservoir or optional Hydra-Kool Jr. oil cooler
  • PTO’s available

Truck mounted 3-line wet kit requirements:

  • Tandem hydraulic pump producing 22 gpm per section at 2500 psi
  • 2 in-line relief valves set at 2700 psi
  • (2) 1” male wing coupler (pressure)
  • 1 ¼” male wing coupler (return)
  • 45 gallon hydraulic oil tank with return filter or Hydra-Kool Jr. oil cooler

Self-contained power pack features:

  • 74 hp Cummins B3.3 turbo-charged diesel engine
  • Control panel with complete instrumentation
  • Adjustable throttle control
  • 30-gallon certified fuel tank
  • Standard 45-gallon steel oil reservoir or optional Hydra-Kool Jr. oil cooler
  • Mounted on a tubular steel skid


  • Hutch 9700 three-leaf spring suspension
  • 22,500 pound axles with 10-hole piloted hubs
  • 16.5 X 7 air brakes with auto slack adjusters
  • ABS braking system on one axle
  • Type 30 parking/service brake chambers
  • 22.5 X 8.25 steel disc wheels with radial tires
  • 140,000 pound two-speed landing gear
  • Stainless steel front and rear fenders
  • NHTSA certified rear bumper


  • Tri-axle spring suspension
  • Air ride suspension for tandem or tri-axle
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • LED lights


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