Charger II-FB


The Charger II-FB Overhead-Discharge Tender features a 9 – 12 – 9 auger system.  This versatile system can rotate 270 degrees, allowing you to unload to the left, right or the rear of the tender.  A hydraulic motor is connected to a gearbox that rotates the horizontal discharge auger.  The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder will lift the auger up and power it down.  An optional bolt-on extension for the discharge auger is available.

The Charger II-FB will unload up to 3,500 pounds per minute.

ModelCharger II-FB


  • 9″ carbon steel floor auger with adjustable speed control
  • 12″ carbon steel vertical auger
  • 270 degree hydraulic swivel
  • 16′ long 9″ carbon steel discharge auger
  • Clean-out doors under each compartment
  • Pit dump slide gate on base of discharge auger
  • Stainless steel dump gates, transitions and auger tubes
  • 12 gauge stainless steel tube with removable end caps under the hopper assembly
  • Floor auger has adjustable speed controls to allow for different density materials
  • Augers are constructed with mild steel helicoid auger flighting and mild steel pipe


  • Discharge auger extentions
  • All of the augers are available with optional stainless steel flighting as well as  stainless steel pipe.


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