2022 APACHE HS1100


APACHE SPRAYERS HS1100 DEMO SPRAYER (120 hours) Conquer all season application with one machine—the Apache HS1100 rear boom sprayer. Equipped with a 60″–70″ crop clearance that adjusts hydraulically on-the-go with a push of a button....
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2012 APACHE AS1020


Won’t last long at this price!!!! 2012 Apache AS1020, 1927 HRS.,1000 Gallon Poly Tank, 100′ Booms, 20″ Spacing, 3-way Nozzles, Front & Rear Fenders, 10 Section, Raven E pro, Auto Steer and Section Control ...
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NURSE TRAILER, 45′ TANDEM AXLE, TAMDEM AXLE AMUMINUM RIM . 2-Enduraplas 2750gallon tanks 3” Fill, 3” Vanguard wet seal pump, 3” Hose reel, 1-65 Gallon, 2- 40 Gallon chemical eductors all have cone rinse and...
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2020 APACHE AS840


Apache AS840, 688.9 Hours, 800-gallon poly tank, 100′ Pommier Aluminum Booms, 9-section, 20″ spacing, Raven Viper 4, RS1 guidance, Accu-boom, Auto-boom ultra glide 3-sensor, Front fenders, Eductor,
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2020 APACHE AS1040


2020 Apache AS1040, 837.8 Hours, 100′ Pommier Booms, Raven Viper 4, RS1 Auto Steer, Accu-Boom, 3″ Front Fill, Front and Rear Fenders, Triple Nozzle Bodies on 15″ Centers, 9 Sections EXTRA NICE SPRAYER!!!! TANK...
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2015 APACHE AS1025


2015 Apache AS1025, 1515 Hrs. 1000-gallon poly tank, 60/90′ Booms, 20″ spacing, 3-way nozzle bodies, 9-sections, Auto steer, Accu-boom, 5-sensor Auto-boom, Capstan Pinpoint II, Front & Rear Fenders, Outback Max Monitor.
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