Livingston Machinery Company is honoring two farmers for their outstanding agricultural service with the keys to a new Manitou telehandler.

Created in 2021, the Producer of the Year and Custom Operator of the Year program was designed to honor men, women and families that support the agricultural industry every day through their involvement in farming, ranching and other ag-related ventures. Both awards will be given annually and will include several different forms of recognition and prizes. The ultimate prize for the winner of each category will be a new Manitou 841 telehandler for a year-long lease, compliments of Livingston Machinery Company and Manitou Group.

Nominations are open in early January and if a farmer qualifies in the categories below, they are reviewed by a committee to determine the top 3 finalist for Producer and Custom Operator of the Year. A videography team visits each finalist to showcase their operation and interview them in hopes of sharing their unique stories. After the video interviews are posted online, the contest will begin! For a period of 10 days the online contest will be open for the general public to vote for their nominee of choice by clicking the links below. Don’t forget, you can earn more points by completing additional actions (learn more on the official contest page) and you can vote everyday. The finalists with the most votes in each category at the end of the contest will win the Manitou telehandler free for one year, courtesy of Livingston Machinery and Manitou Group!

The 2022 contest completed in early May and we are proud to announce the winners; Jerrod Cowan (Producer of the Year 2022) and Kyle Beauchamp (Custom Operator of the Year 2022). Learn more about each of the finalists in both categories below.


Producer of the Year Finalists

Tanner Mesman

Farwell, TX

Brittany Krehbiel-Hukill

Hydro, OK

Jerrod Cowan

Watonga, OK

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Custom Operator of the Year Finalists

Marshall Mininger

Texhoma, TX

Kyle Beauchamp

Ault, CO | Hartley, TX

Lucas Northcutt

Lexington, OK

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Do you want to learn more about what makes these six operations worthy of the 2022 awards?

Qualifications for finalist in the two programs were as follows:

The Producer of the Year nominee must be a farmer or rancher working their own property and be able to qualify for at least 2 out of the 4 criteria points listed below. The Custom Operator of the Year nominee must be an individual or company who earns a living doing custom jobs for others, such as those who travel and harvest or spray pesticides/fertilizers for others. The Custom Operator of the Year must also qualify for at least 2 out of the 4 criteria points listed below.

Livingston Machinery Company welcomed all nominations and self-nominations for both programs. After nominations closed, a committee chose the top three outstanding nominees for both programs. Those selected went through a video interview process (links available below each candidates photo/name), and ultimately the winners will be chosen through an online voting system by their peers and the agricultural community. Livingston Machinery Company and Manitou Group are proud to present this new program and look forward to honoring some of the best people in the industry as the 2022 Producer and Custom Operator of the Year.


The world of agriculture is constantly evolving. Through research and technology, farmers are able to do more with less, work more efficiently, operate on lower margins, and be more successful each season. Who do you know that has applied modern to their highest advantage, or implemented creative ways to gain a competitive edge?


Agricultural productivity is viewed relatively. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to work hundreds of acres or have dozens of employees, because the size of a farm or operation isn’t a direct indicator of high productivity. Instead, we measure by the amount of crops produced compared to the amount of time, effort and money put into growing the crops. The candidates we seek will produce the best quality and quantity from the opportunities before them. Do you know someone who has been a leader in agricultural productivity?


Our society cannot survive without agriculture, yet it’s increasingly difficult to transition a family farm, sizable ranch or even larger ag-based endeavor to the next generation. Candidates for these awards may have significant family involvement or chosen successors to help carry on the important task of feeding the world. Does someone come to mind when you think of a farmer preparing for the future of agriculture?

Community Service

Farming has never been for the faint of heart, and those who earn a living in this industry understand hard times better than most. By nature, the life of a farmer has always been about helping others. It’s about our friends, our neighbors and our communities. From donating time, money, services, crops, equipment or more, we often hear of farmers who are helping others more than what they can do for themselves. Who do you picture when think of someone who serves their community with the same dedication that they have for working in agriculture.

Nominations are accepted every January 1-31 for Producer and Custom Operator of the Year.
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